Welcome to my world of Havanese puppies...
Welcome to my world of Havanese puppies...

I am a small hobby breeder, located in Buffalo NY. I have two female Havanese dogs, Ruby and Nina and one male stud dog, Ollie. I started almost 14 years ago when fell in love with this unique and interesting breed, after much research for small but sturdy dog that was good with children and did not shed, upon doing a Google search for this criteria, it was no question when the results filled the page, Havanese, Havanese, Havanese....so I began Interviewing breeders from all over the US. After six months I finally found my breeder of choice and purchased my Ella as a pet only contract... after nine months I felt the need for one more beautiful puppy. So I began to search for another quality breeder... I found my Ollie... within six months I again felt the need for more... I called the breeder of Ella and asked to purchase the breeding rights and change my registration from limited to full AKC. I also contacted the breeder from my Ollie and asked for the same. My first litter of four puppies was born eight months later. I bread Ella once a year for five years and retired her and began a new search and found my, Ruby... but one litter a year wasn’t enough to fill the orders I was getting for the sweet, loving, beautiful gifts of God. So I set out on another search for another female and I found my Stella. I have grown to love and appreciate the European lines of the Havanese breeders, So for the last four years I have imported three puppies from Poland, two from Hungary to add to my breeding foundation stock... Stella, Ellie, Greta, Rosa and Earl. I have a litter a year with each of my girls and still can’t fill the orders because everyone is like me, one just isn’t enough! The breed is amazing and the joy these puppies bring to my buyers is priceless and rewarding to my heart. I as well have a special place in my heart for children with special needs. Occasionally, I keep a puppy, train it, and donate it to a child with special needs, to love and benefit from puppy kisses.

Connie Weil

Puppies are 2100.00 to approved homes.

Adult retired dogs are 600.00 to approved homes.

Adults under 3 years are 1200.00 to approved homes.

All puppies are on a spay and neuter contract.